ReValued Glass Tumbler - Sapphire

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Revalued Glass Tumbler - Sapphire

Introducing the Revalued Glass Tumbler in Sapphire, a compact and captivating version of the Revalued Sapphire Pint Glass. This tumbler brings innovation to every sip with its square shape, making a strong statement and bringing a refreshing twist to conventional glassware.

The Revalued Glass Tumbler in Sapphire offers some unexpected perks. For starters, storing these glasses becomes a breeze as they can easily be placed next to each other without the fear of clinking and toppling. Plus, the corners of the glass provide an easy drinking edge, allowing the beverage to effortlessly glide into your mouth.

Just make sure you line up the right spot, or you might find yourself experiencing a not-so-elegant sip - but hey, practice makes perfect, and it's all part of the fun!

Suited for casual and formal gatherings, this eye-catching ~425 ml glass enhances your drinking experience, lending an opulent touch with each sip.

Discover a new way to enjoy your favourite drinks while making a sustainable, conversation-starting choice.

To keep your ReValued drinkware on optimum condition we recommend gentle handwashing.

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