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Welcome to Cindy Poole Glass Artist: Crafting Narratives in Glass

Discover Art, Sustainability, and Storytelling Through Glass. Dive into our handcrafted collections, where each piece combines beauty, function, and a pledge to environmental responsibility.

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Inspired by Nature

Experience the Essence of Esperance. Our art is a homage to the vibrant landscapes of Western Australia, crafted with eco-innovation and creative relevance. From recycled elegance to iridescent dichroic and glass art designs, find your piece of Esperance.

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Art with Purpose

Join a movement of mindful consumption. Each purchase supports environmental advocacy and celebrates sustainable, designer-crafted art. Transform your space with stories of sophistication and shared commitment.

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Gifts That Tell a Story

Elevate gifting to an experience of meaningful connection. Start your journey with unique gifts that carry narratives of place, sustainability, design, and personal connections.

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Cindy Poole has crafted a wide range of functional glass art, including jewellery, home decor, lighting, sculptural designs, hand pumps and more.

Our online store is ever-growing, so be sure to visit regularly. In the meantime, any item you see on our website that isn't listed in the online store can be purchased direct from the Cindy Poole gallery.

a gift for our times

Lovingly handcrafted in our Esperance studio, our Recycled Sanitiser Pumps offer sustainability without sacrificing quality or style.

They are an easy, refillable and stylish alternative that proves you care in more ways than one.