ReValued Glass Tumbler - Groen

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Toast to sustainability with our Groen ReValued Glass Tumbler, born from the distinct green Grolsch Pilsner bottles. A stylish ode to its Dutch roots, this tumbler weaves Grolsch's design into every sip, offering a ~430 ml capacity that pairs luxury with eco-consciousness.

Handcrafted for preservation, it’s a vibrant celebration of its heritage and a step towards a greener future. Shop now and make every drink a statement of sustainability.

Grolsch enthusiasts, create a timeless heirloom set from your treasured bottles! With the mounting scarcity of these iconic vessels, now is your chance to save them from oblivion. Transform your empty bottles into exquisitely crafted glasses, preserving precious memories and the distinct essence of Grolsch.

Together, we can close the loop on waste and cherish these rarities for years to come. Don't let your bottles fade into a lesser fate—join us in repurposing your past for a sustainable future. Shop our limited stock or contact Cindy Poole Glass Artist (CPGA) directly to discuss your commission set.

Consider the endless options to integrate our other heirloom decor into your home or a memorable and meaningful gift to a fellow Grolsch lover.

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