ReValued Glass Tumbler - Earth

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Experience the warm embrace of nature with the ReValued Glass Tumbler Earth. Made from recycled glass used by key Australian breweries like Coopers, this piece of upcycled beauty holds the rich intensity of dark beers and stouts.

The tumbler sports a strong, earthy brown tone reconnecting you to the grounding energy of the Earth. Each time you hold this tumbler, it's not merely sipping a drink; it is a sensory journey that ties you back to the essence of nature while enjoying your favourite beverages.

With the ReValued Glass Tumbler Earth, you aren't just making a choice of drinkware, but opting for an eco-friendly lifestyle that aligns with the principles of sustainability and conscious consumption.

Each tumbler has been designed to carry ~430ml and we recommend a gentle hand wash to preserve your drinkware to its best.

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