Revalued Pump - Geometric

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From waste to purpose.

Enjoy functionality without sacrificing quality with these repurposed ROKU glass bottles. This unique bottle tells a visual story of what makes ROKU gin so special. ROKU meaning six in Japanese, has the six carefully selected Japanese botanical ingredients embossed onto the bottle.

Completing the ‘full circle’ by giving life to old bottles and turning them into stylishly unique hand pumps for you to enjoy making an environmentally conscious statement in your home or business.

Following a unique handcrafting process in our Esperance glass gallery. Utilising recycled glass and hard-wearing stainless steel fittings, the Recycled Geometric  Pump offers functionality without sacrificing quality. Furthermore, you can create your very own unique pump bottle variations today. Featuring stainless steel pump fittings, all pumps are completely customisable to display your own message, image or logo.

*Please note although a large range of bottles can be transformed into your unique pump bottle, some bottles are not suitable. Contact Cindy Poole Glass Artist to discuss your options today.

Size: Hexagonal shaped vessel,  9 cm diameter x 24 cm tall (inclusive pump)


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