ReValued Pint Glass - Woodlands

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ReValued Glass Pint – Woodlands Collection
Enrich your beverage rituals with the ReValued Glass Pint from the Woodlands Collection, where eco-innovation meets the serenity of the Australian outback. Each glass is a celebration of the verdant hues of Eucalypts and the subtle tones of the expansive Great Western Woodlands.

Product Features:

Eco-Elegant Design: Created from upcycled burgundy or bordeaux-shaped bottles, these pint glasses reflect the natural Woodland palette with an array of greens that enrich every sip.
Generous Capacity: Accommodating approximately 570 ml, this glass is the perfect vessel for your ales, soft drinks, or any preferred beverage.
Impeccable Craftsmanship: Stunning to behold, this refined pint glass is a testament to Australian-made quality and design, handcrafted to perfection.
Zero Waste Commitment: With every ReValued Woodlands Glass Pint, you're not just choosing a product, you're contributing to a circular economy and making a statement for sustainability.

Elevate your home bar with the ReValued Glass Pint – Woodlands Collection and sip in the spirit of sustainability. It's more than a drinking glass; it's an eco-luxurious choice that supports and preserves the beauty of our natural world. Think Again about your daily choices, and join us in toasting to the planet, one pint at a time. For longevity and to retain the exceptional surface texture and finish, a gentle handwash is recommended.

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