ReValued Pint Glass - Woodlands

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Embodying the natural hues of the Australian Eucalypts and the subtle tones of the Great Western Woodlands, introduce our ReValued Glass Pint Woodlands to your daily rituals.

Crafted from burgundy or bordeaux-shaped bottles, this pint glass echoes the Australian Woodland palette in a stunning symphony of green, offering an eco-conscious and aesthetically pleasing drinking experience.

This refined pint glass holds up to ~570 ml and is suitable for various beverages. From frothy ales to refreshing soft drinks, savour your favourite drinks to their fullest in this beautifully designed pint glass with a unique story.

Zero Waste Luxury: Created with a zero waste approach, the ReValued Woodlands Glass Pint symbolises our commitment towards a circular economy. It’s not just a glass—it’s a sustainable choice that supports our planet.

In the world of the CPGA's ReValued Glass, luxury is found in choices championing respect for our planet. Let's Think Again, one pint at a time.

A gentle handwash will maintain this glass' exceptional colour tone and finish.

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