ReValued Pint Glass - Sapphire

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Celebrate the Elegance of Sustainability with Our Sapphire Recycled Pint Glass.

From the remnants of Bombay Sapphire gin bottles emerges a glassware masterpiece—the Sapphire Recycled Glass Pint. This unique piece by Cindy Poole Glass Artist is a testament to elegance, environment-friendly luxury, and sustainable art.

Preserving Bombay Sapphire bottles' iconic blue hue and sleek design, this glass stands out with its stunning colour and distinctive character.

Suited for casual and formal gatherings, this eye-catching ~570 ml glass enhances your drinking experience, lending an opulent touch with each sip.

A gentle hand wash is recommended to maintain its luminous sapphire hue and intricate design.

Experience the fine blend of luxury and sustainability. Add the Sapphire Recycled Glass Pint to your cart today.

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