ReValued Pint Glass - Premium

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Embrace Green Luxury with Our Premium Recycled Glass Pint

Crafted from a curated collection of quality bottles, this Premium Recycled Glass Pint embodies sustainability and sophisticated taste. Each glass tells a story of intentional transformation and repurpose by the eco-conscious hands of the Cindy Poole Glass Artist.

The shape and rich hues of the original bottles are beautifully retained, resulting in an astonishingly eco-chic glass design. Each glass captures the shades of the wine bottles, incorporating their unique characteristics in their new design and purpose.

Enhance your beverage experience with this eye-catching ~570 ml glass pint for everyday drinks or special occasions. It boasts a comfortable grip, a sturdy base, and a captivating colour palette reminiscent of the original bottles.

Please note we recommend a gentle hand wash for preservation of your glasses premium finish.

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