ReValued Pint Glass - Moss

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Discover the Elegance of Regeneration with Our ReValued Moss Pint Glass.

Crafted primarily from Jameson Rum's distinctively rich and brightly coloured green bottles, our ReValued Moss Pint Glass represents an exquisite transformation with sustainability at heart. This unique, recycled piece stylishly embodies Jamesons Rum's rich heritage and celebrated provenance.

The original, magnificently green bottles have been masterfully reshaped into this stunning glass pint. It boasts the whiskey bottle's distinct bright, moss-green hue, which adds an enchanting aesthetic and is a constant homage to the glass's roots.

Suitable for any occasion, this glass pint can hold up to ~570 ml of your preferred beverage, enhancing your drinking experience with a touch of luxury and a tribute to sustainability.

A gentle hand wash will maintain its exceptional moss colour and unique design.

Engage in the regenerative luxury of Jamesons Rum's story in this inspiring transformation. Add the ReValued Moss Pint Glass to your cart and embrace a continually unfolding sustainability journey.

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