ReValued Pint Glass - Earth

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Savour the Charm of Earthen Luxury with Our Recycled Earth Pint Glasses.

Crafted primarily from brown beer bottles of renowned breweries like Coopers and Swan Draught, our Earth Recycled Pint Glasses encapsulate a rugged charm and a unique echo of its origins. These pieces transform the familiar features of industry-standard bottles into a stylish testament of sustainability.

Australian favourite, the 'Long Neck', is reimagined, resulting in sturdy, recognisable glassware. The dark amber hue of the original containers is retained, providing a salient feature that sets these pieces apart. Beyond bringing a distinctive aesthetic, the amber colour also blocks out harmful UV light - a residual benefit of its beer-guarding past.

Ideal for every beverage, these glasses offer a capacity of ~570 ml for the pint and a comfortable ~425 ml for the tumblers. The Earth Series glasses bring an earthen appeal to your drink, making each sip a tribute to the beauty of recycling. 

Caring for these glasses requires a gentle hand wash to keep them at their amber best.

Experience and embrace earthen luxury. Add the Earth Recycled Glass Pint to your cart today and support sustainable practices.

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