Feature Pendant 3 - Sea Spray Twilight Shallow

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Seaspray Twilight Beach shallow Water Pendant Necklace from the Design Studio of Cindy Poole Glass Artist

Extraordinary in design and beauty.

Add elegance to everyday life and elevate your special occasions with an original piece of Cindy Poole Jewellery. It sits beautifully, enhancing any outfit, bringing together elegance and sophistication into one piece

The turquoise water of one of the town's most loved local beaches, where impossibly white sand meets unbelievably clear turquoise water, defines this shallow water series. The silver blue dichroic glass melts in the depths of a kiln to encapsulate stainless cable between the layers to provide the glass jewellery piece with its non-traditional and unique structural form; Three elongated glass elements characterise this one-of-a-kind necklace and reflect what is truly a wearable piece of art.


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